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Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
with accident. altamont commute just under 25 minutes. >>> still ahead, breaking news from the u.s./mexico border. shooting leaves a border patrol agent dead, we'll have details. >>> oprah's big the deal she just signed as she tries to improve ratings at her struggling cable network. >>> first a consumer reports' smell test can febreeze mask kitty litter and sardine odors? michael finney has the answer. >>> breaking news. a border patrol agent was killed in a shootout near the u.s./mexico line in arizona this morning the area is known as a major drug smuggling corridor. another border patrol agent was wounded and airlifted to a hospital. one dead, one wounded no word on the wounded agent's condition. more information as soon as we get. >>> you may have seen tv commercials for febreze air freshener. you may be wondering if the product works as advertised. michael finney has the results of a new consumer records test. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports wanted to see if febreze really lives up to its ad. they did extensive tests. you might be surprised with the results. this febreze
Oct 16, 2012 6:00am PDT
an -- attack at new mexico middle school they sent a letter home to parents asking them to leave hot chee-tos out of packed lunches. the letter risks poor nutritional volume school officials say students 10 to share the snack food which can spread germs and the dye creates a mess. school officials say some students will eat an entire bag of chee-tos men for four team -- meant for four people, over 700 calories. >>> dog treats recalled it could be contaminated with salmonella, del monte recalling the biscuits. the recall is precautionary however it asking anyone who bought the biscuits to throw them away. >>>:15. several all purpose cleaners at the store all claim to do a terrific job. consumer reports says that is not necessary the case many michael finney is here with the one cleaner that is above the rest. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports has cleaned up hundreds of stains to uncover the best all purpose cleaner. fan out which did the best and -- find out which did the best and whether they live up to claims. >> why hundreds on countless cleaners. >> not all cleaners are creat
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
you on attempt to set new record by jumping from 122,000 feet over roswell, new mexico. right now the daredevil skydive is on a weather hold they are hoping to launch by 10:30 our time, the earliest according to the red bull sponsor's website. weather permitting a giant balloon will lift him sometime today 122,000 feet, he will jump out wearing a special suit and endure a freefall for more than four minutes at speeds that could break the sound barrier. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. >>> if you have plans if get up early and get out there on black friday, you may want to stay home and relax. >> jane king with why and6t -- trying to milk more out of your monthly food budget. >> milk prices may be the latest product about to go up. u.s. milk production headed for biggest contraction in 12 years we can blame the drought that has lead to rising feed costs prompting dairy farmers to slaughter the cows it is more expensive to feed them. shampoo prizes higher. -- sham moo prices higher compared to a year ago. -- flat start to things on wall street alcoa kicking off fresh e
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3